A belated Congratulations to Fowler!

This post is many months late, and I am so sorry about that! There are lots of plans in the works for more frequent posting on this site, it’s just that I have been slightly off of my game due to being pregnant. (yay!) More content is coming your way soon. But enough of that, let’s talk about Zachary Fowler, winner of Alone season 3! (At least it’s been long enough now you can’t complain about spoilers :D)

The final episode of season 3 started with three amazing people, Megan Hanacek, Carleigh Fairchild, and Zachary Fowler. It was an incredibly emotional episode. The audience knew that two of the three contestants were headed home before the end. Megan left at 78 days, and for the first time in Alone history, the second-to-last person did not tap out. Carleigh was medically evacuated at 86 days due to her BMI dropping below 17. (Many fans took issue with this, but she was incredibly thin and they have to draw a line somewhere.)

Fowler too, had lost a ton of weight (it ended up being a total of 70 lbs) and the Alone show crew was keeping a closer eye on him at that point. He didn’t know that it was his last day when the crew came to check on him again in that last week. Fowler said himself that he knew his weight loss could be troublesome and was praying he had kept enough bodyweight on to stay a little longer. Then, during an interview where he was describing how much he missed his family, his wife showed up behind him and he learned then that he had endured the longest – a whopping 87 days.

The first time seeing his wife in about 3 months.

What is really interesting about those who win this show is that we know how long the final contestant made it, but we’ll never know how much longer they could have gone. The fortitude of the final contestants on this show is truly remarkable. I think Fowler will definitely go down as one of the more crafty and productive contestants to appear on the show – it was pretty funny how many spoons, chopsticks, and other goodies he loaded into his wife’s arms as he prepared to leave his bamboo home.

200 chopsticks and an unknown number of spoons!

The episode wrapped up with scenes of Fowler returning to his family and his home in Maine. The last little bit was a monologue by Fowler recapping his thoughts about the experience and his thoughts for the future. It ended perfectly with Fowler saying –

“For me going forward, it’s very simple. Have your family. Love ’em. Make stuff. Be happy. Sounds good to me. Fowler out.”

Now, it’s been a while since season 3 has wrapped up, but there is still lots of Fowler-related content being produced on the internet for those of you that like to keep up with what the contestants are doing these days. He has been posting a lot on social media since his win in Patagonia, and recently he announced on his YouTube channel that he will be doing an entire series of videos called “87 Days” where he will be recreating everything he made during his time on the Alone show. I recommend that you check him out on YouTube!

He has also been posting vlogs and other video content about his life – for those of you that were curious what he did with the money, he tells you! He also posts videos about his sling-shot skills, updates about his family, and other fun shenanigans.

Fowler also is pretty active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to connect there, and has some cool content on his website, Fowler’s Makery and Mischief.

Sent to the Princables office again 😉 JK at Hope Elimantry School to talk to the kids. WISH ME LUCK !!!

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It looks like orange *might* be his favorite color. 😀

Anywho, Fowler – 87 days is a really, really, long time. Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

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