I grew up in Pennsylvania hunting, fishing and trapping . My love of the wilderness grew in the sloping fallow fields and dense forests around my home and along with a few hard life knocks  progressed into exploring the Appalachian Mountains with my brother Carl where our childhood passion for  wilderness survival and shooting progressed, grew and became steadfast as we moved into adulthood

In 1999, as a newly arrived missionary in Central Brazil, I founded the Per Ardua Wilderness ministry. I was privileged to lead young people through the same hard learned lessons that had shaped my own growth using wilderness survival training as a springboard for leadership, spiritual development and positive progress in their own lives moving forward. During this time I learnt to speak fluent Portuguese. I plan to bring both physical and spiritual lessons to my courses in 2017 under Per Ardua Wilderness. Classes can of course be tailored to the size and needs of a group.  CLICK HERE to leave me a message if you would like to set a class up, I look forward to it!

Leftfield Pictures contacted me after seeing my YouTube Channel Dave McIntyre-Colhane and asked me to make a casting tape to be considered as one of the contestants for season two of the History Channels hit reality show ALONE. After submitting the tape and being called in for an intense boot camp selection which I really enjoyed and found I was really well suited to the challenges, I was offered a position on the show. After about three seconds of thoughtful and fervent prayer, I accepted!!.


My ALONE adventure:

We were taken to the incredibly remote part of the northern end of Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Cut off from the outside world and each other with just 10 items of equipment to work out our own survival and self document our ordeal. It was an incredible experience that was both hard and very rewarding,

Finding food in my Cove:

There were many rules and regulations about hunting and fishing on Vancouver Island,  Sadly there were NO squirrels in the area and the the game and sea birds were off limits and protected. Red tide prevented us from eating the mussels and other shell fish but after watching and learning I found other ways to maintain my weight and prosper. If I put the work in, food was abundant. Foraging food was not helped by my color blindness! Those fish and crabs that we were permitted to catch were VERY hard to find as colors such as red and green are not easily definable to me and all look the same.

On day sixty-six, sporting a beard gone “Full Viking”, my daughter Erin arrived in my camp to tell me I was the only one left…that I had won. I was elated, and relieved, but also humbled knowing the Lord had walked with me there and given me strength.

I thought it was a medical check up.. THEN they came and told me…


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CLICK ON THIS LINK AND PRESS PLAY for an audio blast of Book One of The Fall: Scarce Upon the Earth.   

When a biological weapon wipes out 90% of the earth’s population and leaves the other 10% psychotic, Nick Harris slipped through the cracks. The survivors of the plague attack on sight with brutal ferocity armed with whatever they can swing or throw. Nick recovers from the plague and awakens into the nightmare of eastern Pennsylvania, alone, and armed only with his mind and determination to survive and find others like himself.

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