Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

VIDEO: Jungle set up and review with a light hearted look at Horny Lightning bugs, laughs with Giuliano & how to fold Space blankets 

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Video: A review of my Survival Kit & Possibles Pouch  which covers Shelter, Fire and Water AND the ONE thing I never leave without! you’ll laugh…

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MISSION:  Per Ardua is Latin for “Through Difficulty”. The course is designed to show the students that they can do far more than they think they are capable of and that we learn the most through adversity. Each of the components of wilderness survival, fire, shelter, water, signals, navigation, and food teach us valuable lessons about life. CONTACT ME to find a course you can come and join in!

Per Ardua é latim para “Através de dificuldade”. O curso é destinado a mostrar aos alunos que eles podem fazer muito mais do que eles pensam que são capazes e que aprendemos mais com a adversidade. Cada um dos componentes de sobrevivência na selva, fogo, abrigo, água, sinais, navegação e alimentos nos ensinar lições valiosas sobre a vida.

Video: A review of my  Jungle Survival Kit Philosophy of “Never Plan to Improvise” and discussing weight & expense penalty of Survival kits. 

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For more videos on Survival and Bushcraft techniques plus many reviews on gear, please go to my You Tube channel : Colhane- Dave McIntyre

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