Callie North – one of the most loved Alone contestants ever!

If you’re caught up on Season 3 of the Alone Show you know that last week, much to many people’s dismay, Callie North tapped out at a remarkable 72 days. Early in the season, discussions about who may win the show often included snide remarks about the “hippy chick” and her strategy. As we quickly got to know Callie though, hashtags such as #TeamCallie appeared on Twitter, and many people who may have smack-talked the “hippy” approach to bushcraft/survival were humbled. This girl kicked some MAJOR butt. It was so fun to watch.

Tweets, (and other discussions online) are generally positive when it comes to Callie. This is pretty cool because for whatever reason when people appear on TV, haters come out of the woodwork and, well, hate. God bless the poor souls that tap out early in the show. The Internet can be a harsh place.

So, just a heads up to all of the Callie fans out there Continue reading “Callie North – one of the most loved Alone contestants ever!”