A GoFundMe has been started for Greg!

For those of you that are up to date on the latest season of Alone, you’ll remember Greg. Known online sometimes simply as Ol’ Drywall, Greg Ovens has a special place in Alone Show fans hearts. He may not have taken the prize money home, but many wish he could have. The main goal Greg had was to use the prize money from the show to build his daughter a house, and he toughed out an amazing 51 days in Patagonia working towards that goal. He had the mental fortitude to keep going, but Mother Nature herself was the one to send Greg home.

His fans have set up a GoFundMe on the behalf of Greg. We have been working with the fan who originally set up the fundraiser to make sure that it gets connected to Greg and his family so that they will be the beneficiary of the campaign. If you have a couple bucks to spare – consider sending a couple Greg’s way. Thank you!

UPDATE 1/29/17: The GoFundMe is picking up steam! Many Alone Show contestants are pitching in as well as the fans to help Greg out. Thank you to Nicole Apelian, Zachary Fowler, Carleigh Fairchild and the rest of the folks who have donated so far. Dave McIntyre and his girlfriend have even matched the total once, donating $465!!