Dave McIntyre, Author of The Fall series

THE FALL:  A post apocalyptic fiction series

” When faced with crushing circumstances, those who allow the situation to drive them to their very best, survive.” 

After a virus kills off 90 % of the population, two-tour Afghan vet Nick Harris, awakens to find the remaining 10% psychotic. While he is in his right mind, they are fast, hungry, and intent to attack him on sight.

The Fall Series puts a new twist on the zombie apocalypse. I love the genre and wrote The Fall in response to everything that bothers me in the typical zombie story. In The Fall, rather than becoming just part of the weather, the “zombies” become part of the cast. The characters are well developed and free to pursue any option as they loot a devastated world. I draw upon my background as a wilderness survival instructor, tactical shooter, and student of human behavior and psychology to keep the story as close to the line of reality as possible.

CLICK ON THIS LINK AND PRESS PLAY for an audio blast of Book One of The Fall: Scarce Upon the Earth.     

“Amazing series from start to finish. Author does a great job of keeping humanity and emotion in focus while chaos and death lie at the door. Highly recommended!”

Volume 1: SCARCE UPON THE EARTHWhen a biological weapon wipes out 90% of the earth’s population and leaves the other 10% psychotic, Nick Harris slipped through the cracks. The survivors of the plague attack on sight with brutal ferocity armed with whatever they can swing or throw. Nick recovers from the plague and awakens into the nightmare of eastern Pennsylvania, alone, and armed only with his mind and determination to survive and find others like himself.    CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

“Refreshing take on an apocalyptic world. Solid character development and good action. This is not your typical zombie hunt novel.”

Volume 2: AN OUTSTANDING DEBT   In the aftermath of a biological weapon that killed 90% of the world’s population, Nick discovers another survivor, Holly Baxter in one of the houses he was ransacking for supplies.  They realize they have stumbled on a critical piece of information about the psychosis affecting the 10% that survived. That one fact becomes the key to their survival, but to act on it could easily kill them. Nick and Holly have no idea of what happened or why, but they have to learn fast to save themselves and learn how to save others and bring them back from the verge of insanity that ravages their minds.

How much will you risk rescuing people trying to beat you to death? Would you fire your weapon knowing that every time you pulled the trigger, humanity loses? In the face of individual survival, do you have any responsibility to others?  The Fall is about people rising to the challenge to become fully human.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Volume 3: REST IN THE SHADOW The world as they knew it has imploded and all semblance of the social structures of normality and life systems are gone. The world is poisoned and dead and will never be the same again. Everything needed to survive and rebuild is there for the taking if you know where to find it, but is guarded by a trained, hostile and furious population. Nick Harris and Holly Baxter know their only chance depends on their will to engage the survivors. The greatest resources for the survival of humanity are the victims fighting to end it.    CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

“This was a very enjoyable read. I bought volumes 1-3 together and couldn’t put them down. Now I can’t wait for volumes 4-6.”