Weekly Interviews with Fowler!

A lot of Alone Show fans have been enjoying watching Zachary Fowler this season, and for a good reason! The boat builder from Appleton, Maine has been one of the busiest and most creative people during his stay in Patagonia. A lot of the crafty things that the contestants do on this show are not given a lot of screen time. Luckily, the local paper from his hometown has been doing some fantastic interviews with Fowler that I wanted to let you know about. Linked below are articles that have been published after each show airs. Fowler can talk about what was actually shown on camera each week, so through these interviews we get to learn a little more about what he created out there.

Articles courtesy of The Penobscot Bay Pilot – Thank you!

Instead of opting for a fixed blade knife and rations like most of the contestants, Fowler instead brought a customized multi-tool and a shovel with a sharpened edge. (He also brought a saw and an axe.) The value of these tools in Fowler’s hands is pretty obvious. He even made a water bottle out of wood!

Fowler has been really good about sharing what he can on social media so that his fans can get a bigger picture of what he was up to in Patagonia. He also has an entertaining YouTube channel where he’s slowly been releasing videos showing how he made some of his creations on Alone. I recommend checking it out!

As of today (January 29th) Fowler is one of the final 4 contestants in Patagonia for Alone, Season 3. We will see what happens next week. 🙂 Don’t have a TV? Check out this post about where you can watch the Alone Show online.

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